About Us

AJC Consultants are experts in dealing with both commercial and domestic claims. Many Assessors target mainly commercial claims or domestic claims. Our experience means that we equally specialise in both areas.

Why use a Claims Handler?

Your Insurance Company appoints a Loss Adjuster to handle your claim. If your Insurance Company uses a specialised claims handler surely it is in your best interests to appoint a professional claims manager to act on YOUR behalf?

Our experience within the Insurance Industry means that we know what to expect from your Insurance Company and are better prepared to act in your interests.

From the moment that you appoint us, you can leave everything to us. We feel it is vital to know that you are worry free. Circumstances that lead to making a claim can be disruptive and traumatic enough without having to spend more time arguing with your Insurance Company.

We take care of all the paperwork, telephone calls and negotiation. We will always keep you fully advised of the position of your claim without you having to do a thing.

Insurance Claim Help

We can handle any type of property insurance claim on your behalf, including damage/loss anywhere in the UK caused by:

  • Water Damage/Flood
  • Subsidence
  • Storm Damage
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Motor & Caravan Accidents

What should I do now?

Contact Us - The sooner we can act for you, the more we can do for you.

Contact us to appoint us or simply to ask anything you are not sure of. We will be happy to talk to you about your claim. All calls and enquiries are strictly confidential and we will not contact your Insurance Company until you instruct us to do so.

Most people who are given low settlements or have their claim turned down do nothing about it. Once we are appointed to act on your behalf, we'll make sure you receive your full entitlement.