Case Study: Insurers repudiate storm damage claim as ‘wear and tear’

During storm conditions a boundary wall which had been constructed and in place since 1907 suffered partial collapse in Croydon, London

Despite recordings of storms in the area at the time, Insurers repudiated the claim on the grounds that the boundary wall’s collapsed state indicated to them that the damage was caused purely by ‘wear and tear’.

After four months of arguing this claim with Insurers, the Policyholder referred to AJC Consultants and requested our help in the matter. Not only were AJC Consultants successful in persuading insurers to accept the claim but we were able to secure an additional £1,000 to reflect the Policyholder's own efforts in mitigating his loss.

Insurers generally accept claims for storm damage where gusts are in excess of 47 knots.

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