High Winds Forecast – steps to minimise damage to property

With the Met Office setting Yellow and Amber warnings for strong Winds this evening up to mid-morning tomorrow (Wednesday 13th September), it could be worth taking a few quick precautions to ensure that any potential damage to buildings and cars are minimised.

Ensuring that wheelie bins (particularly empty ones), are stored in garages/sheds or weighed down will prevent them being blown away and potentially causing damage to cars.  Trampolines and other garden play equipment can also cause problems where winds are especially high.  Plant pots in exposed areas can  be swept up/blown over by winds.  Checking tarpaulin is securely in place over BBQ’s/patio furniture is also a good idea.

Ensuring that fencing is in good condition and undertaking regular maintenance checks of roof tiles can minimise potential damage in high winds and heavy rain.

The Yellow warning of Storm Aileen (potential gusts of 50-60 mph) is in place for Wales, the Midlands, southern parts of northern England, southwest England and southeast England, with a higher Amber warning for North Wales, southern parts of Northern England, the North Midlands and Norfolk with gusts to 65-75 mph forecast.  Such winds predict the Met Office,  have the potential to cause damage from roof tiles, trees and branches with the possibility of power cuts. 

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