Travel Insurance

If you are thinking of going on holiday and taking out travel insurance……’yes’ you do need to read the ‘small print’!….

Travel insurance is a must if you are thinking of taking a holiday.  It does however often feel like an unnecessary expense (have you ever claimed against yours…?), and as we get excited and busy with planning for our holiday we often either take out the standard insurance when we book our holiday or alternatively leave it to the last minute.  As such, we fail to give it the priority we give our home or motor insurance often not reading the Policy details.

A commonly held view is that all ‘eventualities’ will be covered.  This is not the case – Conditions on holiday policies are strict with limitations and exclusions on what is and isn’t covered and how much settlement will be paid out in the event of a claim.  It often only comes to light when there is an incident and a claim needs to be made what the Policy limitations and exclusions are.  The most common issues arising between Policyholders and Insurers include pre-existing medical conditions, lost belongings, cancelled holidays and non-disclosure of information.

We would strongly advocate that when taking out travel insurance, time is taken to ensure that all Insurers’ questions are answered as fully and honestly as possible to the best of your knowledge and that exclusions and  limitations of cover are reviewed prior to your  holiday.  If you have any questions regarding specific aspects of cover, discuss them with your Insurer.

Situations arising which deem it necessary to claim on travel insurance are undoubtedly stressful and difficult and often involve unusual surroundings and procedures.  It is important therefore that should you need to make a claim on your  travel insurance , and  find that your Insurer repudiates your claim, that  the claim is  reviewed  taking account  of  the Policy terms but also the conditions surrounding the incident.  Whether a claim should be settled by Insurers’ in such instances is not always clear cut.  If you have a travel claim to make or have had a claim turned down by Insurers, contact AJC Consultants on 0121 632 2970 for free, professional advice.